<<Banned: Too Sexy>> Griffin's iTrip Too Cool For UK

The UK has reminded that no one country has a monopoly on idiocy. The kingdom has effectively banned Griffin Technologyis very cool iTrip because it deigns to use radio waves. The iTrip is a device that plugs into your iPod and broadcasts a weak signal to a nearby stereo, allowing you to wirelessly play your iPod through that stereo. The product was largely intended for use in cars where it makes it easy to use your iPod when travelling, hence the name "iTrip."

Not so! Says Britain. The BBC is reporting that the Wireless Telegraphy Act of 1949 in the UK effectively makes pirate radio station operators out of iTrip/iPod users, which has resulted in the product being banned. The banning comes after the UK importer of the product, A N Micro, discussed the issue with the UKis Radio Agency. From the BBC:

But in Britain, using it is akin to setting up your own pirate radio station.

After discussions with the Radio Agency, A N Micro concluded that using the gadget would mean breaking the law.

"In the UK FM broadcasts are allocated for the exclusive use of licensed broadcasters," said the UK importers of the iTrip in a statement.

"No other systems are permitted to operate within these bands. The UK authorities have allocated all existing analogue FM bands.

"Therefore, use of the iTrip in any FM broadcasting bands is strictly prohibited."

You can find the full article at the BBCis Web site.