Barcode Generator Update From Antilog Features Cleaned Up Code

Antilog has released an update for Barres, bringing it to version 1.2.1. Barres is a barcode generator designed for business applications and product tracking. The update features performance enhancements including official graphic size specs and bug fixes. According to Intelli Innovations:

Antilog announced today Barres I.2.1, the new release of their low-price Barcode Creator for the Macintosh.

Barres is a simple barcode generation application for 68k and PowerPC Macintoshes. It can generate the following type of barcodes: UPC (12 digits), EAN13 (13 digits), and SCC14 (14 digits).

With Barres, the simple barcode generator, you can generate barcode graphics yourself, simply and inexpensively, using your Macintosh. Simply launch the application, type in the desired barcode number, and resulting barcode graphic (a resolution-independent PICT image) is automatically copied to your clipboard file, to be pasted onto your favorite page-layout, word-processing, or illustration program.


  • The size of the generated barcode graphic now follows exactly the official specifications, including the quiet zones
  • Weive solved a problem appearing when importing the graphic in Adobe Illustrator (R), at certain sizes
  • Weive cleaned up large parts of the code, in the objective to prepare the future Mac OS X version
  • The applicationis icon has been changed, itis now a (pretty) zebra

You can find more information about the Barrres update at the Antilog Web site. Barres 1.2.1 is free for registered users, while the full version is available shareware for US$11.00.