Barcode Generator Updated With Improved PDF Stamper

Intelli Innovations has released an update for Barcode Producer, bringing it to version 2.7. Barcode Producer is a barcode generator designed for business applications and product tracking. The update improves PDF Stamper functionality and adds an updated EAN Country Prefix directory. According to Intelli Innovations:

Intelli Innovations, Inc. Releases Barcode 2.7 For Mac OS X.

Barcode Producer is the award-winning barcode generation suite for Mac OS X, used by thousands of Mac-based companies worldwide in over 40 countries. The software supports dozens of different barcode symbologies, offers vectorized EPS, TIFF, and JPEG export, and includes a variety of tools for barcode integration, inventory lists, and barcode testing with IntelliScanner Pro hardware.

Barcode Producer 2.7 adds:

  • Improved PDF Stamper functionality: designed to assist users in "stamping" fixed or sequential barcodes on PDF documents, the PDF Stamper tool now supports faster in-window previews, new options for prefix and suffix, and a greater factor/truncation range
  • Updated EAN Country Prefix directory, available in the Advanced menu
  • Compatibility patch for recent versions of "haxie" software (or, technically speaking, products that specifically makes calls into the CFBundle)
  • New PostScript name matching exports font names in EPS files using their PostScript equivalent, instead of their standard form. Intelli Innovations recommends using OCR-B or Arial for the barcodeis human-readable portion
  • Improved Mac OS X toolbar functionality in each symbology editor, giving users direct access to EPS and TIFF barcode image exports

You can find more information about the latest Barcode Producer update at the Intelli Innovations Web site. Barcode Producer 2.7 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$129.95.