Barcode Producer 3.8 Offers QuarkXPress 7.0 Integration

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Intelli Innovations, Inc. on Tuesday upgraded Barcode Producer with QuarkXPress 7.0 integration, including optimized vector EPS output into the new version of Quarkis page layout software. The company noted that vectorized EPS barcodes should be inserted into a picture box and output to a PostScript-compatible printing device or PDF conversion software.

Barcode Produceris EPS format also now includes comments that indicate the settings used to create it. While the software is a Universal Binary, QuarkXPress 7.0 isnit, but Intelli Innovations has successfully tested the new version on Intel Macs with both the PowerPC and Universal Binary development releases of QuarkXPress 7.0.

This is a free update for all Barcode Producer 3.x owners. The full software sells for US$149.

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