Barcode Producer Gets Major Update

Intelli Innovations has announced a major update for Barcode Producer, bringing the barcode generation suite to version 3.0. Barcode Producer gives Mac OS X users the ability to manage and produce barcodes. The new version includes support for several new standards, including Sunrise 2005 compliance, Global Trade Identification Number representation, and the upcoming transition to 13-digit ISBNs. From the company:

New features and enhancements in Barcode Producer 3.0 include:

  • 13-digit International Standard Book Number (ISBN) barcode support, allowing users to create Bookland EAN barcodes that represent both todayis 10-digit ISBNs and upcoming 13-digit ISBNs, and automatically convert between the two (without a calculator and pencil!).
  • Support for Global Trade Identification Numbers (GTINs) encoded in various barcode symbologies. Barcode Producer can create industry-standard UPC, EAN, and ITF barcodes for use in representing unique items on multiple levels of product packaging and enclosures. Barcode Producer 3.0 offers a new category of compatible barcodes.
  • PDF barcode generation creates print-ready barcode graphics with no font dependencies or third-party applications required.
  • Instant Transfer buttons for Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Appleis Preview allow users to transport vector barcode graphics to their application of choice with a single click -- no saving and hunting required.
  • ITF-14 digit grouping visually separates information on the packaging level, company prefix, item identifier, and automatic check digit.
  • Extended Bookland EAN price barcode support, offering a user-friendly price entry field that follows the latest standards from the Book Industry Study Group. USD prices can now be represented at up to $499.99, and appropriate price options are offered for Canadian dollars, British pounds, and Euros.
  • Redesigned ISBN Check Digit Calculator, allowing users to verify both 10 and 13-digit ISBNs and their associated check digits, which vary in the 10-to-13-digit conversion process.
  • Enhanced PDF Stamper feature, offering the ability to mark PDF documents with barcodes in identical or sequential configurations.
  • Bundled OCR-B font for standardized human readable text captions.
  • Embedded Barcode Information, saving complete barcode specifications into EPS barcode exports as a comment, simplifying the process of reproduction and last-minute adjustments.

The update is priced at US$49 for registered owners of previous versions of the software. The full version is priced at US$149, with delivery in the form of CD priced US$20 higher. You can find more information on the product at Intelli Innovationsi Web site.