Barcodet Updated With FileMaker Pro 7 Support

Life $uccess Institute has released an update for Barcodet, bringing it to version 7.1. Barcodet is a utility designed for printing barcodes from FileMaker Pro databases. The update features support for FileMaker Pro version 7. According to Life $uccess Institue:

Life $uccess Institute has announced the immediate availability of Barcodet? for FileMaker? Pro 7. Barcodet is a suite of modules that allows users to process and print a variety of standard bar codes using data stored within their FileMaker Pro databases.

Barcodet consists entirely of native FileMaker Pro files with precision, industrial-grade bar code fonts in multiple sizes to ensure accurate, reliable printing under a variety of conditions. Fonts as small as a millimeter in height allow the use of bar codes where vertical space is limited. The bar codes produced within FileMaker Pro can be transferred to and modified in other programs, including spreadsheets, word processors, page layout and graphics software.

You can find more information about the latest Barcodet update at the Life $uccess Institute Web site. Barcodet 7.1 is free for registered users, while yhe full version is available for US$295.00.