Bare Bones Now Shipping Personal Organizer

Bare Bones Software is now shipping The Bare Bones PAD for mobile professionals. The Bare Bones PAD is a Personal Analog Device designed for organization and networking. The personal organizer ships ready for expansion with a self-modifying neural network. According to Bare Bones Software:

Bare Bones Software today announced its first entry in the lucrative handheld market, the Bare Bones Personal Analog Device, or PAD. The Bare Bones PAD is an expandable handheld personal organizer, which can contain addresses, appointments, notes, drawings, and more.

By using state of the art genetic algorithms executing in an expandable self-modifying neural network, the PAD makes possible unlimited flexibility of input methods, and nearly instantaneous storage and retrieval of data.

Text and graphics may be entered using your own handwriting (cursive or printed), or any one of a number of established input conventions (including the time-tested Pittman and Gregg encodings). The PAD also provides for strong content encryption by using a technology code-named "Chicken Scratch", which renders the input unreadable to all except the PADis rightful owner, without relying on the cumbersome key-and-passphrase systems of existing encryption technologies.

You can find more information about the Bare Bones PAD release at the Bare Bones Software web site. The Bare Bones PAD 150 is available for US$199.00, and the 300 is available for US$249.00.