Bare Bones Ships Mailsmith 2.0

Bare Bones Software has released a new version of Mailsmith, bringing it to version 2.0. Mailsmith is an email client designed for Mac users. The new version features SpamSieve integration and Apple Address Book support. According to Bare Bones Software:

Bare Bones Software, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of Mailsmith 2.0, now faster with integrated support for SpamSieve, PGP, Apple Address Book, and over a hundred and fifty other feature additions and refinements.

Mailsmith 2.0 now includes integrated support for SpamSieve, the popular statistical spam detection software, and automatic support for encrypted and cryptographically signed email via PGP. Mailsmith 2.0 is the only email client on the Mac market with completely integrated SpamSieve and PGP support, and is the only mail client with pervasive support for Mac OS X technologies.

Now in version 2.0 integrated Apple Address Book support makes it easy to store addresses in a system-wide accessible location. Mailsmith 2.0 also now includes direct import and export of mail and addresses including vCard format, with a simple drag-and-drop.

You can find more information about the latest Mailsmith releases at the Bare Bones Software Web site. Mailsmith 2.0 is available for US$49.00 for 1.x users, while the full version is available for US$99.00.