Bare Bones Updates Mailsmith to Version 2.1.4

Bare Bones Software has updated its e-mail client Mailsmith to version 2.1.4. The update is a maintenance release that "addresses reported issues." Bare Bones says that there are some minor interface refinements, as well. From Bare Bones Software:

Mailsmith 2.1.4 is a maintenance release to fix reported issues and add minor interface refinements. Mailsmith 2.1.4 requires Mac OS X version 10.2 or later (10.2.8 recommended), and is compatible with Mac OS X version 10.3 (10.3.5 strongly recommended). The update package also includes SpamSieve 2.2.1.

About Mailsmith
Mailsmith is an extra-strength e-mail client designed for Macintosh users. Thanks to its unprecedented flexibility, users can customize Mailsmithis powerful editing, filtering, and searching capabilities to suit their particular needs.

Novice users appreciate Mailsmithis simple interface for sending, receiving and managing e-mail efficiently. "Power users" appreciate its unlimited search terms, unlimited filter terms and actions, and numerous other power features for fine control of e-mail processing. Mailsmithis extensive scripting support gives additional control.

Novice and power users alike all benefit from the seamless integration with SpamSieve, integrated support for Mac OS X technologies including the Apple Address Book, as well as the security benefits provided by the use of text-only e-mail, built-in support for PGP 8.0, and the availability of SSL encryption for server communications.

The update is free to registered users of Mailsmith 2.x. You can download the update from Bare Bonesi Web site. You can also find more information on Mailsmith itself. The full version of Mailsmith is priced at US$99, which includes a licensed version of SpamSieve.