Battle To Stop Software Piracy Gets A New Weapon

PACE Anti-Piracy has released a new USB based software authorization device, the iLok Smart Key. Using USB technology, the iLok provides users and developers with a new level of control over software authorization and piracy. According to PACE:

PACE Anti-Piracy today announced partnerships with a number of pro-audio industry leaders,including Bomb Factory, Digidesign, and Steinberg, to incorporate PACEis new iLok hardware key into upcoming software products. iLok is a USB "smart key" device that enables software publishers to authorize the use of their products more securely and conveniently than ever before. The agreements announced today are designed to create easy access for developers and end users to the iLok Smart Key through multiple product bundling channels and retail distribution.

iLok, a revolutionary extension of conventional hardware-key technology, is designed to solve a number of issues associated with traditional copy protection methods, increasing distribution options for software publishers and making the process of software authorization more convenient for the end user.

PACEis iLok Smart Key includes the following features:

  • Support for multiple license authorizations in a single device. This feature allows the end user to authorize software programs, plug-ins, features, and modules-even those published by multiple developers-without being burdened by multiple keys. This feature represents a significant advance beyond current hardware key technologies.
  • Authorization portability. The new iLok technology enables end users to easily transfer authorization from one computer to another without violating the software publisheris license agreement. Because the software authorization information is stored on the secure iLok device, the end user is less susceptible to problems caused by computer crashes and corrupted hard disks.
  • Cross-platform support. iLok works on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.
  • Increased flexibility of distribution. Software publishers can now not only deliver authorization for new products and features via the Internet, telephone, and fax, but also in the form of low cost, small form factor license cards. Each iLok key has a built-in license card docking port that allows the end user to securely transfer authorizations between the two, further increasing a software publisheris options for distribution.

You can find more information at the PACE Anti-Piracy Web site.