Bay Area News: Elite Computers Purchases Rights To ComputerWare Name

Apple Specialist Elite Computers & Software has purchased the rights to the name ComputerWare. ComputerWare was the name of the largest Mac retailer in the Bay Area until it closed down earlier this year. Elite Computers is based in Cupertino, across the street from Appleis headquarters. The company has not yet announced specific plans for the name. From Elite Computers:

Elite Computers & Software, an Apple Specialist located across from Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, CA, announced today that it has purchased the rights to the name "ComputerWare", along with other certain trademarks and assets associated with the Mac-only chain that closed earlier this year.  ComputerWare had been the largest Apple Specialist in the country, with 10 stores in the San Francisco Bay Area.

"ComputerWare had been around for many years, and was a valued name with a unique place in the Macintosh community," said Thomas Armes, President and CEO of Elite Computers & Software. "ComputerWare was especially synonymous with Apple Macintosh in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is the premier Macintosh market in the country.  Iim quite sure we can put the name ComputerWare to good use in the near future."

The companyis Web site was not reachable as of this writing.