Believe It Or Not, New Macinchat Variety Show Available

It is already time again for another episode of the Macinchat Variety Show. Consisting of a series of spoofs, skits, and commentary, the Macinchat Variety Show offers a lighthearted look at the Macintosh world. According to the Macinchat Variety Show:

Well, we untangled Bill from the mess of wires last week and we are back again--against the most daunting technical odds--to bring you the show that the Reverend Al Sharpton has called "the devilis spawn." Yes, itis the show llamas ask for by name, "The Macinchat Variety Show." We are back for show number 16 and we have finally slayed our technical demons--or have we?

Hear this weekis special guests, "Cleo," everyoneis favorite television psychic, and "Bruce," everyoneis favorite loudmouth. Also hear the boys from Macinchat Radio go back in time to when they were just little kids on the playground! If that wasnit enough, hear the review of the MacAquarium, which will be the star of our soon-to-come web camera--maybe we will even put some fish in it! Need more? We have a funny phone call to a local bar--who actually serves a drink called the iAppletini.i

So, sit back, steal yourself a can of Smitty Light and listen to the show that for 16 weeks has etched itself into the hearts and minds of the Macintosh user community....or something heart-warming like that. Check us out at: While you are there, check out the super messageboard and leave us some feedback!

You can listen to the latest episode at the Macinchat Variety Show Web site.