Belkin Announces New USB Hubs

Belkin announced its new line of USB hubs on Wednesday. The USB 2.0 collection should be available in August, and includes the Swivel Hub, Clip-On Hub, and Hub-To-Go.

The Swivel Hub includes four ports, and a 2-way swivel neck for connecting to difficult to reach USB ports. The hub is bus powered, but an optional external power supply is also available. The Swivel Hub is priced at US$29.99.

The Clip-On Hub includes two top loading and two side loading USB ports, a clamp that can either attach the hub to the side of a desk or act as a cable organizer, and ships with its own power supply. The Clip-On Hub costs $29.99.

The Hub-To-Go comes with seven USB ports. Three of the ports are on the base, and the remaining four are on a detachable travel hub. It also includes a rotating connector on the detachable hub, a storage tray in the base hub, and its own power supply. The Hub-To-Go is priced at $49.99.