Belkin Debuts Power Pack, Car Stand for iPods

Belkin Corp. announced Thursday a rechargeable battery pack for the iPod and iPod mini as well as a iPod mini charger/holder. Both products will be available starting October 25.

The rechargeable TunePower provides 8 to 10 hours of backup time on all iPod models. A detachable DC/FireWire cable, when used with the Apple AC wall charger included with your iPod or any FireWire port, will charge both the iPod and the TunePower simultaneously. The TunePower will retail for US$99.99.

The TuneBase at $50 is an iPod mini holder with a flexible-steel neck to adjust to any position. The device alsocharges the mini simultaneously from any cigarette lighter outlet. The TuneBase also features a 3.5mm line-out for use with the specially designed Belkin Mobile Cassette Adapter or TuneCast Mobile FM Transmitter to play audio through a car stereo.