Belkin Officially Announces TuneStage Wireless iPod Device

Belkin Corporation officially announced Monday the TuneStage for iPod, a device that allows users to play the songs from an iPod through any home theater wirelessly via Bluetooth technology.

Originally introduced in January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, TuneStage lets users search through their playlists to choose tracks, selecting them in order to beam the songs to the receiver, which can be plugged into an existing stereo system.

the TuneStage is about the size of a paperback book and plugs into the headphone jack of the Apple iPod. The TuneStage transmitter gets power from the iPod, making only usable with the iPod and iPod mini.

Belkin told The Mac Observer in January that the device has a 30 foot range, but that tests achieved ranges up to 40 feet. A company representative said the TuneStage will not interfere with other Bluetooth devices.

Belkin said it will begin shipping the product in North America in late July. It will retail for US$179.99.