Belle Nuit Ships New Image Processor

Belle Nuit Montage is shipping a new app for Mac users, ImageFilter. ImageFilter is a utility designed for the batch-processing of image sequences. The app ships with support for numerous color correction tools and support for various image file types. According toBelle Nuit Montage:

Belle Nuit Montage releases its new program Imagefilter. Imagefilter is a programm to batch-process image sequences. It containes a node interface to build process trees and a variety of nodes to import, color correct, filter, transform images and to add graphic effects.

Import nodes support many still formats and QuickTime movies like many other programs, but also PDF-rendering, image capture from still photo cameras and text import for merging graphics and text.

Color corrections include innovative functions like RGB Matrix, Color Temperature, Look Up Tables (1d and 3d), Mimikri and Color Space conversion. Filters include Deflicker, Unsharp Mask, user-definable Convolution (1d and 2d), Interlace and Deinterlace.

You can find more information about the ImageFilter release at the Belle Nuit Montage Web site. ImageFilter is available for US$120.00.