Belle Nuit Ships New PDF Utility

Belle Nuit Montage is shipping a new app for Mac users called Belle Nuit HTMLBook. Belle Nuit HTMLBook is a utility designed for creating PDF documents from HTML pages. The app features support for multiple page compiling and customized tables of content. According toBelle Nuit Montage:

Belle Nuit Montage announces the immediate release of Belle Nuit HTMLBook.

This program compiles multiple HTMLPages into one printable PDF Document with custom header, footer and table of contents.

I like to write program documentation in HTML for its felixibility. However, complex programs like Subtitler and Imagefilter have now more than 50 HTML files, organized as frames. I needed an automatic solution to give the users a printable PDF file and wrote HTMLBook.

  • Compile multiple HTML documents into one PDF
  • Custom header and footer with pagenumber
  • Custom table of content
  • Recompile automatically when you make changes

You can find more information about the Belle Nuit HTMLBook release at the Belle Nuit Montage Web site. Belle Nuit HTMLBook is available as freeware.