Belle Nuit Updates Titlelistconverter With Titra Text File Support

Belle Nuit Montage has releaszed an update for Titlelistconverter, bringing it to version 1.9. Titlelistconverter is a utility designed for inserting text within digital. The update features support for Titra text files and clarifies .STL files. According to Belle Nuit Montage:

Belle Nuit Montage releases the version 1.9 of Titlelistconverter.

This is a tool to convert cuefiles from a film subtitler facility to use them with Belle Nuit Subtitler. The tool imports a cuefile and exports a CMX3600 edl and a subtitler file. TitleListConverter works on any Power Macintosh and uses 8MB of RAM. There is a Classic version and a version for OS X available.

TitleListConverter. This version adds the support of Titra text files and supports style tags in STL Text files.

This version also clarifies the subject of STL files where there has been a lot of confusion for the last months:

The European Broadcast Union (EBU) defined a binary format for subtitle exchange which has the extension .STL. Use this file format to communicate with subtitle labs and broadcast stations. TitleListConverter can import and Subtitler 1.6 can export EBU files.

There is a text file format .STL which was largely introduced with DVD Studio Pro 2 from Apple. You find the specification in the DVD Studio Pro user manual. This format has two flavours (which can be mixed):

  • STL Text files containing timecode information and text. STL Graphic Files containing links to graphics, but no text
  • TitleListConverter can import STL Text files and Subtitler 1.6 can export both STL Text and STL Graphic files

You can find more information about the Titlelistconverter update at the Belle Nuit Montage Web site. Titlelistconverter is available as freeware.