Berkhan-Software Shipping EasyFractal 3.0

Berkhan-Software has released a new version of EasyFractal, bringing it to version 3.0. EasyFractal is a real-time fractal calculator designed for creating Mandlebrot and Julia Sets. The latest version features OS X support and expanded escape conditions. According to Berkhan-Software:

Finally, the time has come: EasyFractal 3.0 is finished.

EasyFractal calculates fractals (Mandelbrot Set and Julia Set) in real time. Zoom into fractal depths and discover beautiful, never before seen images!

First and foremost, of course, EasyFractal now also runs native under Mac OS X.

The expanded fractal editor now offers 6 escape conditions for each of the 8 iteration functions. You are now able to indicate max. and min. radius as well as the eccentricity, which results in additional structures, e.g. inside of Mandelbrotis Fractal.

A function to finely structure the otherwise monochrome areas of a fractal is a completely new feature of EasyFractals 3.0. The effect of the fine structure function can be controlled via 3 oscillators and 6 forms of color progression.

The palette editor was revised and now features additional functions. For example, you can now expand a palette and create dark-light oscillating color progressions. Functions for brightness and contrast are available as well.

You can find more information about the latest EasyFractal release at the Berkhan-Software Web site. EasyFractal 3.0 is available for US$10.00 for 2.x upgrades, while the full version is available for US$20.00.