Beta Of PC To Mac Fileserver Software Available From Cyan Soft LTD

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Cyan Soft LTD. has made available the beta version of MacServerIP 8. MacServerIP is a Mac compatible file server software for PCs. From Cyan Soft:

Cyan soft Ltd. has released a public beta of MacServerIP 8. MacServerIP, running on Windows XP/2000/NT, is an extremely fast file server for Mac clients. MacServerIP speeds up the file transfer between Macs and Windows XP/2000/NT by up to 5 times.

New in version 8 of MacServerIP are the following features:

  • performance has been improved significantly: the file transfer with MacServerIP over TCP/IP is now up to 5x times faster than with AppleTalk
  • faster folder browsing with Mac clients
  • support of Windows XP
  • optimized for Windows NT cluster and Windows 2000 Datacenter

You can download the fully functioning trial version of MacServerIP 8 beta, and get information about it and other Cyan Soft products at the Cyan Soft web site.

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