Beta Release Of Omikron From Berkan

Berkan Software has released a beta version of Omikron Basic version 7.5. Omikron Basic is a programming language designed for PowerMac. The latest beta version has several new features including expanded compiler functions. According to Berkan Software:

The programming language Omikron Basic for Apple PowerMac is now available as beta version 7.5.

It is now possible to use the control word COMPILER "Carbon" to compile programs in such a way that they run native under Mac OS X.

However, most programs do not need to be modified to still benefit from the new functionality. Only the Extension Library and the EasyGem Library have to be replaced with the latest versions. Only direct operating system calls integrated into the program manually have to be checked for Mac OS X compatibility. Of course, the new version still generates classic applications as well, if required.

In addition to the two compiler control words COMPILER "Carbon" and COMPILER "Classic" the new BASIC command CALLR has been added as well. The new command may be used to effectively call assembler routines such as the ones directly integrated in BASIC programs with the Assembler Library because all parameters are passed in registers.

You can find more information about the beta version of Omikron Basic at the Berkan Software Web site. Omikron Basic 7.5 is available starting at US$107.00.