Beta Version Of MacLedger For Business And Personal Applications Released

Praevius, Inc. has released a beta version of MacLedger version 0.7.5. MacLedger is a financial record management app designed for businesses and personal record keeping. The beta version currently supports unlimited transaction Catagories and multiple ledgers. According to Praevius:

We are pleased to announce the beta release of MacLedger 0.7.5...

MacLedger is an all new application designed to help individuals, or businesses, simplify their financial record keeping. It allows for multiple ledgers and an unlimited number of custom Transaction Categories.

In the coming weeks, extensive reports will also be added. This will enable an individual to easily see at a glance where their money is being spent.

You can find more information about the beta release of MacLedger at the Paevius, Inc. Web site. MacLedger 0.7.5 pricing is available by contacting the Praevius, Inc. sales department.