Beta Version Of Slide Show 6.0 Released From Apimac

Apimac has released a new beta version of Slide Show 6.0, bringing it to version b5. Slide Show is a slide and image projection tool designed for multi-media presentations. The latest beta release features OS X support and other enhancements. According to Apimac:

Apimac is pleased to announce Beta 5 of Slide Show 6.0, its slide show and presentation tool. In development for several months, and in beta testing since July, Beta 5 of Apimac Slide Show is now available for download.

This release fixes a handful of minor issues, and adds some new features at user request, including a toggle key to hide/show the Navigation Palette during manual presentations.

Apimac Slide Show 6.0 is a significant revision of the program which involved a complete rewrite of the code. In addition to Mac OS 8.6 and 9, Apimac Slide Show now provides support for Mac OS X, a long awaited and requested feature. Also new is the capacity to choose a custom image as a background for presentations. Plus, the creation of stand-alone presentations has been greatly simplified.

You can find more information about the latest veta release of Slide Show at the Apimac Web site. Slide Show is a available for US$49.00.