BetterZip, iText, Postino Updates

MacItBetter released BetterZip 1.1 lets you create Zip archives, view the contents of a Zip-compressed archive without first extracting the files. and add or remove files from existing archives. The updated version also creates Windows and Linux compatible archives, compresses archives faster, and supports tar file formats and password encryption. BetterZip 1.1 is available for download at the MacItBetter Web site, and is priced at US$19.95.

Yumiko Itoh announced a lite version of the iText text editor, iText Express, on Thursday. It saves files in RTF, HTML, and Word formats, and is free. You can download it from the iText Express Web page.

Coladia introduced Postino 1.5, an updated version of the RSS news reader application, on Thursday. The new version supports Smart Lists, RSS auto-discovery, BlogRoll publication, and more. Postino 1.5 is available for download at the Coladia Web site, and costs $24.95.