Big Brother Uses A Mac (With Pics)

The ever observant Observer Justin sent us a pretty nifty Mac sighting this weekend from the set of Big Brother 2 via the new reality showis Web site. Big Brother 2 is offering a Flash tour (via a floor plan) of the compound where the show is taking place. By clicking on any of the rooms, you get a panoramic view (similar to a QuickTime VR view) directly below the main floor plan. If you click on a room labeled "Head of the Household" at the bottom of the floor plan, you will find the camera looking straight at a bed. If you move the panoramic view left or right, you will come to a desk with a monitor on it that includes a nifty Mac OS 9 screen shot. Hereis a couple of screen shots for those who donit want to bother with actually finding it:

The Big Brother 2 House Tour
Click on the image for a larger version.

The House Tour "zoomed in" in via the Flash control.

Thanks to Observer Justin for the eagle eyes, the pics, and the note!

If you have a Mac sighting, let us know.