Big Day For MacOS Radio

After making the announcement several weeks ago, the special guest appearance by British TV star Robert Llewellyn will be on todayis MacOS Radio broadcast. Mr. Llewellyn has appeared on the show Red Dwarf, and his interview can be heard live, or recorded later as part of the regular broadcast. According to MacOS Radio:

The MacOS Radio Network is proud to announce that British Television Star Robert Llewellyn (most famous for his role as Kryten on the BBC hit series Red Dwarf) will be appearing on todayis broadcast. Mr. Llewellynis interview can be heard live at 3 p.m. EDST at, or it can be heard as part of the regular broadcast at 7 p.m.

LLewellyn, a major force in comedy, television and the web, and the synthesis of these mediums in the UK, will be on the show to discuss his new business venture, the British Web Broadcasting company (, as well as his own site ( and, of course, his work on Red Dwarf.

The decision to allow listeners access to the taping of the interview (which is being conducted early to accomodate the time difference between the US and the UK) was made by MacOS Radio President Duane Burghard because, "weire extremely concerned about the amount of bandwidth that is going to be tied up by having a guest of Mr. LLewellynis stature on the show. We want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to hear the interview, so allowing people to hear it live a few hours before the whole show gives more people the chance to hear the interview the day it happens."

The live version of the interview will be "very informal" according to Burghard. "Weire going to have a lot of fun, but youill probably hear a lot of behind the scenes sorts of things. It wonit sound like our show does. When we integrate it into the broadcast later that day, thatis when it will sound inormali."

The regular broadcast (which can be heard live at 7 p.m. EDST) will feature an abbreviated look at current MacOS news (including a look ahead to the Apple Expo in Paris) and an editorial about the Supreme Courtis recent refusal to hear the Microsoft case.

In related news, acknowledging publicly for the first time that MacOS Radio is having problems accomodating its growing audience for the live show, Burghard said, "allowing more people to hear us live is a *major* priority for us. But we canit spend the money to do that until weive had a few more blockbuster shows like this one and start attracting the attention of large scale advertisers. In the short term, that may mean that downloading the show will remain the easiest way to hear it." Burghard also noted that the "Stuffed" versions of the broadcast (available for only the last 3 weeks) have been *extremely* popular. "We watched our total amount of data downloaded double the week we added the stuffed version of the show, and that number has held steady." Still, Burghard says the plan to increase both the number of shows per week and the amount of bandwidth to serve those shows is "on track" and that live listeners should, "expect relief soon."

You can tune it at 3:00 PM EST for the live interview, or at 7:00 PM EST for the usual broadcast of the MacOS Radio Network.