Big GIFs Get Smaller

Pedagoguery Software has updated their GIF compression utility, A Smaller Gif, to version 1.22. A Smaller GIF helps compress GIF files, while maintaining visual quality, for more optimized Web download times. According to Pedagoguery Software:

A Smaller GIF 1.22 for the Macintosh is now available.

Changes since the previous version:

  • A Japanese interface is now available.
  • Fixed a bug that could introduce data corruption to GIFs that use "Restore to Previous" frames.
  • Improved colour reduction for GIFs that use more than 255 colours. A Smaller GIF makes no visible changes whatsoever for GIFs that use 255 colours or less (the result is pixel-for-pixel equivalent to the original; the compression is "lossless"), but for GIFs that use more than 255 colours, A Smaller GIF modifies the GIF to use 255 colours. The improvement introduced in version 1.22 reduces the visual distortion caused by colour reduction. Future versions of A Smaller GIF may allow users to employ "lossy" compression.

A Smaller GIF is a program for reducing the file size / download time of unoptimized animated GIFs without changing their appearance in any way. Before registration, the application may be used to view animated GIFs and to test compression capabilities although saving is disabled. LZW licensing restricts what we can offer unregistered users. For those wanting to verify that the compressed results look the exact same as the originals, we ask that they email us a few GIFs for us to compress for them.

A Smaller GIF is available for US$28. You can find more information at the Pedagoguery Software web site.