Big Medium Gets Big Update

Global Moxie released an update to its Web content management package, Big Medium. The software is designed to allow people who do not know HTML to add to and edit Web site content. Version 1.1 includes many major upgrades and feature enhancements. From Global Moxie:

Global Moxie announced the release of Big Medium 1.1. Big Mediumis intuitive, browser-based interface makes it easy for non-technical staff to add, edit and publish Web content to multiple Web sites without learning HTML. A key feature of the new version includes quick configuration of new sites based on either pre-formatted "skins" or the settings of another site managed by Big Medium.

The software empowers writers, editors and business users to update Web sites directly, freeing web professionals of tedious maintenance tasks so that they can be more productive and creative. A single installation of Big Medium can manage hundreds of Web sites on a single server, allowing organizations to provide individual departments, products, employees, teachers or students with their own sites.

New features in Big Medium 1.1

  • Blazing-fast setup of new sites, with the option to use the design, layout and even the sample content of pre-formatted "skins" or other sites managed by Big Medium
  • Two skins: a product-tour Web site and a news Web site; more skins will debut soon
  • Automated application of a new skin to an existing site, giving the site an instant makeover with new templates and settings while keeping all of the content intact
  • Duplication and backup of sites managed by Big Medium
  • "Review Sites" option to allow administrators to browse, edit and delete any site
  • One-click copying of articles to create a "clone" of an existing article
  • Options to open related links, Moxie Code links and/or "link" articles in a new window
  • Display multiple tips in the ++TIP++ widget and in content affiliate code
  • Display multiple article links in sectionsi "quick teasers"
  • Prevent articles from displaying in quick teasers if they already appear in selected areas of the site
  • Disk-space check to help prevent out-of-space errors
  • Improved security when handling multiple sites
  • New collection of "link leader" options allows administrators and webmasters to further customize the appearance of site links

Bug fixes in Big Medium 1.1

  • Fixed bug that caused navigation elements not to update after updating site settings, or deleting a main section or subsection
  • Fixed bug that could cause 10-second delays after using the update-menu feature in the article editor
  • Fixed bug that could cause incorrect diagnosis of problems when Big Medium encounters trouble accessing a directory
  • Fixed display of printer-friendly pages and "e-mail this page" pages to always display black text on a white background
  • Fixed bug that could cause search criteria from another site to persist after switching to edit a new site
  • Fixed bug that could cause invalid HTML in Moxie Code lists and quotes
  • Fixed bug that generated extra space in articles using Moxie Code lists
  • Fixed bug that could cause punctuation to be included at the end of URLs in Moxie Code links
  • Fixed bug that could cause affiliate code to break if for sites whose titles included certain characters
  • Fixed bug that could cause incorrect link to be displayed in "top news" affiliate code
  • Fixed bug that could cause article headlines to display in incorrect font size when set to the same size as the default text
  • Fixed bug causing incorrect breadcrumbs on tips page
  • Fixed bug that could cause lowercase/uppercase breadcrumb settings to be forgotten
  • Fixed bug that caused an articleis section name/link to fail to appear in long-format links, even when it is selected in the siteis link-format widget settings.
  • Help pages, preview pages, and other utility pages are now brought to the front in all browsers when opened in a new window
  • Fixed broken links to help pages in the widget settings page
  • Fixed bug that included links to inactive sections in the spider index
  • Fixed bug that caused a period to appear at the end of the month of May when "abbreviating" the month
  • Fixed bug that caused directory index to grow with every time site settings were saved
  • Fixed bug that could cause malformed HTML in centered toolpanels
  • Fixed minor html error in article menu displayed to writers and editors

Big Medium can be purchased from the Global Moxie Web site for US$129, which includes one year of free updates. Big Medium runs on UNIX and Linux OSes, Mac OS X and Solaris. You can find more information on the product at the Global Moxie Web site.