Big Nerd Ranch Announces Objective-C Mini-Boot Camp for Feb.

Big Nerd Ranch has announced that it will hold an Objective-C mini-boot camp next Feb. 11 to 12. Taught by programming book author Steve Kochan, the class covers understanding classes, objects and methods; using inheritance; and other areas of Objective-C.

Big Nerd Ranch said that the course is designed for newcomers to Objective-C and Object-Oriented programming, with no requirement for experience in either area. The company added that attendees will learn what they need to move on to Big Nerd Ranchis Cocoa Boot Camp, which will be held Feb. 13 to 17.

The Objective-C mini-boot camp is US$1,000 and can be combined with the Cocoa Boot Camp for a combined discounted enrollment fee of $4,300. The Cocoa Boot Camp by itself is $3,500. All classes are held outside Atlanta and the prices include lodging, meals, instruction materials, 24-hour lab access and transportation to and from the airport.