Big Nerd Ranch to Spotlight Tiger at Upcoming Boot Camp

Big Nerd Ranch Inc. on Friday announced its next Cocoa Bootcamp, which will take place Aug. 22 to 26 and spotlight Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger." Specifically, the organizers want to dig into Tigeris use of Core Data, which takes v10.3is use of bindings one step further by simplifying data model creation. Core Data also includes built-in undo, redo and data persistence functionality.

Cocoa Bootcamp will also include an overview of Cocoa programming fundamentals, according to organizers, moving from a two-hour overview of Objective-C to controls, helper objects and more. By the end, students will be introduced to working with OpenGL, attaching sheets, view swapping and programming with XCode 2.1. Aaron Hillegassi book "Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X" will serve as the course textbook, and Hillegass will be on hand to teach classes.

Cocoa Bootcamp will take place outside Atlanta and will cost US$3,500, which includes lodging, meals, instruction materials, 24-hour lab access and transportation to and from the Atlanta airport. Big Nerd Ranch encourages students to bring independent projects to the classes so that they can receive input from other students and instructors.