Bill Gates On Apple Keynote: "I Doubt What They've Done Is As Rich As PowerPoint"

At this yearis Macworld keynote, Steve Jobs introduced a program called Keynote that looks to be a great alternative to Microsoftis PowerPoint. What does Microsoftis Chief Software Architect, Bill Gates, have to say about it? In an already unintentionally funny article about smart watches, subscription services for those watches, and portable Xboxes on Yahoo! Finance, Bill Gates makes his position on Keynote bluntly obvious. Even though he hasnit seen Keynote, he "doubt[s] what theyive done is as rich as PowerPoint." No, seriously. He actually said that. From Yahoo! Finance:

Gatesi remarks came a day after Apple Computer Inc. introduced two new programs that compete with already-dominant software from Microsoft.

One of those new Apple products, called Keynote, is positioned to compete with Microsoftis PowerPoint, while a Web browser called Safari could replace Microsoftis Internet Explorer for Mac users.

"I doubt what theyive done is as rich as PowerPoint," said Gates, who added he had not seen Appleis program.

You can read the entire article at Yahoo! Finance.