Blackdot Releases Free Halloween Game

Blackdot has released a free Halloween-themed game called Dr. Strangemittenis Shrunken Heads. The game is from the Tetris-style genre, though with a twist: Game play revolves around shrunken heads filling a pit, with the player trying to keep the pit from filling by strategically dropping matching balls. Blackdotis description is far more entertaining, however, so weill quote it:

Apparently Dr. Strangemittenis plan of introducing nougat filled Shrunken Heads as this yearis newest Halloween treat has gone awry. An unfortunate series of events has caused his Head Shrinker 5000 to go berserk. Nougat filled Shrunken Heads are multiplying at an alarming rate and no one is around to stop it. Help the Doctor before these tiny troublesome heads overflow the pit and reap havoc.

Dr. Strangemittenis Shrunken Heads

The game includes moans and groans, along with similar Halloween accoutrements. Dr. Strangemittenis Shrunken Heads is a free download that available for both Mac OS X and Windows. You can also play the game online at You can find more information and download links at Kewlboxis Web site.