Blackmagic Hardware Used In "The Aviator" Post Process

Blackmagic Design has announced that the Blackmagic Decklink HD Pro and HDLink were used in the post production process of Martin Scorceseis Oscar nominated feature, "The Aviator". Digital Neural Axis integrated the hardware into the post workflow model for over 60 effects shots for the interior Hercules / Spruce Goose airplane sequences. The hardware was used to coordinate the post process between the NY based editing team and the California based effects house.

"Using Blackmagic to view shots in sequence, DNA was able to be in complete synchronization with the filmis VFX supervisor, Rob Legato, as well as Martin Scorceseis editorial team in NYC and was able to develop QuickTime shots of newly developed effects in order for approval to be given in both LA and New York."

You can find more information at the Blackmagic Web site.