Blackmagic Shipping New HD PCI Capture Card

Blackmagic Design is now shipping new hardware for Mac users, the Blackmagic DeckLink HD. The Blackmagic DeckLink HD is a PCI capture card designed for connecting broadcast video decks in an editing environment. The card ships with both SDI and Hi-Def (HD) video support. According to Blackmagic Design:

Today Blackmagic Design Pty. Ltd. announced the worldis most advanced QuickTime™ PCI capture card called Blackmagic DeckLink HD.

Blackmagic DeckLink HD is the first uncompressed 10 bit video PCI card priced under US$2,000 that can do both standard definition SDI video, as well as full HDTV video formats. DeckLink HD can instantly be switched between SDTV SMPTE-259M SDI video and HDTV SMPTE-292M SDI video for 1080i/1080p/720p video editing and design.

DeckLink HD features HD/SD-SDI video & audio input and output, as well as a Sony™ compatible RS422 serial deck control port. Also included is a second independent HD/SD-SDI output for video monitoring, and consumer digital audio SPDIF output for audio monitoring.

You can find more information about Blackmagic DeckLink HD at the Blackmagic Web site. The Blackmagic DeckLink is available for US$1,995.00.