Blackmagic Shipping New PCI Capture Card

Blackmagic Design is now shipping new hardware for Mac users, the Blackmagic DeckLink. The Blackmagic DeckLink is a PCI capture card designed for connecting broadcast video decks in an editing environment. The card ships with SDI video input/pitput and support for Sony RS422 serial deck ports. According to Blackmagic Design:

Today Blackmagic Design Pty. Ltd. announced the immediate availability of a new kind of QuickTime™ PCI capture card called Blackmagic DeckLink.

Featuring SDI video & audio input and output, as well as a Sony™ compatible RS422 serial deck control port, Blackmagic DeckLink allows a complete connection to broadcast decks with only three standard off the shelf cables.

Most non linear editing systems are connected directly to a broadcast tape deck, and the Blackmagic DeckLink is the first card specifically designed to make this low cost, and easy for any user to install.

Blackmagic DeckLink has been designed as a low cost professional video post production tool, and eliminating expensive sync generators and other third party equipment, dramatically reduces the overall cost of building a complete editing and design workstation.

You can find more information about Blackmagic DeckLink at the Blackmagic Web site. The Blackmagic DeckLink is available for US$995.00.