Blackmagic To Ship DeckLink Pro After NAB

Blackmagic Design will soon be shipping a new card for video editors, the DeckLink Pro. The Blackmagic DeckLink Pro is a PCI capture card designed for connecting broadcast video decks in an editing environment. The Pro version of the DeckLink card adds many features not available in the SP version. According to Blackmagic Design:

Today Blackmagic Design announced DeckLink Pro, the worldis most flexible uncompressed 10 bit SDI real time effects Quicktime™ card with analog video monitoring, and 8 channels of SPDIF audio monitoring.

Featuring 10 bit uncompressed SDI capture and playback, combined with the most incredible SDI, analog component YUV video monitoring with an incredible 8 channels of SPDIF digital audio monitoring,.

DeckLink Pro allows you to connect to the most advanced SDI based post production systems via true 10 bit SDI connections and built in video genlock.

For audio purists, DeckLink Pro includes an incredible 8 channels of SPDIF digital audio output for 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound monitoring.

Blackmagic DeckLink Pro features include:

  • Fully digital SMPTE-259M 10 bit SDI input, and output
  • Separate SDI video, and analog component YUV video monitoring outputs
  • Separate 4 x SPDIF digital audio outputs for 8 channel audio monitoring
  • Genlock input
  • Uncompressed true 10 bit and uncompressed 8 bit capture and playback modes
  • Built in DV Bridge. Real time and instant playback from DV edits to video output
  • Compressed full resolution high quality JPEG capture and playback mode
  • Includes Blackmagic Deck Control, for broadcast tape deck capture and playback
  • Sony™ compatible RS-422 serial deck control port
  • Real time 10 bit color correction, dissolves and image control effects
  • and more

You can find more information about Blackmagic DeckLink Pro at the Blackmagic Web site. The Blackmagic DeckLink Pro card is available for US$1,295.00.