Blackmagic Updates DeckLink Line With Video And Key Output

Blackmagic Design has updated the Blackmagic DeckLink line, bringing them to versions 4.1. The Blackmagic DeckLink is a PCI capture card designed for connecting broadcast video decks in an editing environment. The update features Video and Key output support. According to Blackmagic Design:

Today Blackmagic Design Pty. Ltd. announced a new software update with new features for all DeckLink model uncompressed video cards. This update includes keying support for all standard definition DeckLink modes, a new Disk Speed Test utility, and improvements for DeckLink HD cards.

Blackmagic DeckLink v4.1 now adds Video and Key output support to DeckLink Pro. Now with this update, DeckLink Pro users can connect the two SDI outputs of DeckLink Pro into vision switchers for live keying of graphics over real time video. This is perfect for graphics presentations on sports, and other live broadcast events.

In addition to the external video and key output provided on DeckLink Pro with the DeckLink v4.1 update, all DeckLink models now include an internal keyer. This allows live keying of video as itis passed from the DeckLink video input to the DeckLink video output, and does not require any external equpment.

All standard definition models of DeckLink are supported with this new internal key feature including DeckLink 1, DeckLink 2, DeckLink Pro and DeckLink SP. Internal keying is an exciting feature, and is fantastic for live broadcast situations, and has many uses around a busy post production facility.

You can find more information about Blackmagic DeckLink update at the Blackmagic Web site. The updates are free for registered users, while the Blackmagic DeckLink card is available starting at US$995.00.