Blackmagic Updates DeckLink With 3-Way Color Correction

Blackmagic Design has updated the Blackmagic DeckLink, bringing it to version 2.4. The Blackmagic DeckLink is a PCI capture card designed for connecting broadcast video decks in an editing environment. The update features 3-way color correction and improved uncompressed Quicktime video support. According to Blackmagic Design:

Today Blackmagic Design announced the immediate availability of DeckLink v2.4 featuring real time color correction, and full compatibility with uncompressed 8 and 10 bit Digital Voodoo™ format QuickTime™ files.

The Blackmagic Real-Time Color Corrector operates as a professional primary color corrector commonly found in high end telecine suites. Real time color correction allows color treatments to be added to video clips in an edit and then instantly played back in real time without time consuming rendering.

In addition to the new real time color corrector, Blackmagic DeckLink v2.4 software also includes support for capture, playback, and rendering of an increased range of uncompressed QuickTime™ files. No other video card manufacturer has unified the many file formats used in television as Blackmagic Design has.

You can find more information about Blackmagic DeckLink update at the Blackmagic Web site. The update is free for registered users, whle the full Blackmagic DeckLink is available for US$995.00.