Bleu Rose Shipping Black & Bleu Version 9.0

Bleu Rose Ltd. has released new versions of Black & Bleu Std and Pro, bringing them to version 9.0. Black & Bleu is a source for Mac OS error codes and is designed for pinpointing specific problems on a users system. The latest release further expands the error code collection and improves the UI. According to Bleu Rose:

Bleu Rose Ltd. is pleased to announce version 9.0 of Black & Bleu(tm)/Std and Black & Bleu(tm)/Pro which are available immediately from our Web site.

Black & Bleu(tm) is an application that provides the most comprehensive collection of Macintosh OS error codes (both Classic and OS X) available anywhere (over 8,600). More importantly, the database includes a detailed explanation and suggestions for dealing with many of these errors.

This latest release adds 800 more error codes and changes:

  • The green background color is gone. It has been replaced with a light blue color
  • The error category "Mac Text Editor" has been renamed to "Multilingual Text Engine"
  • The Alert sound is gone that used to go off when you clicked the mouse while the cursor was in a "dead area" of an error window
  • The internal architecture of Black & Bleu™ has been altered so we can continue adding error codes. The previous limit was 8,192. We can now accommodate16,384 errors before the maximum number of errors that the database can handle is reached
  • The Instruction Manual can now be viewed on Mac OS X without using the Classic Emulator

You can find more information about the latest Black & Bleu release at the Bleu Rose Ltd. Web site. Black & Bleu is available for US$29.00 for the Std. version, while the Pro version is available for US$129.00