Blizzard Entertainment Releases OS X Patch for Diablo II

Blizzard Entertainment announced their OS X 1.0.9d patches for both Diablo II and the Lord of Destruction expansion pack. The carbonized patch allows gamers to play the Classic Mac OS version of Diablo II in X and introduce their Barbarians and Necromancers to the world outside Classic.

From the read me file:

  • Diablo II for Mac OS X requires Mac OS X, version 10.1.2 or later.
  • Diablo II for Mac OS X should be installed on a hard drive that is formatted as Mac OS Extended. To find out how your hard drive is formatted, select your hard drive in the Finder and choose "Show Info" from the File menu.

    The file includes detailed instructions on making your Diablo II X-perience the best it can be. Read and follow the instructions, as people have noted crashes and other problems when placing updater files in incorrect folders.

    The Diablo II patch is 10.3 MB (though VersionTracker lists it as 14.3 MB), and the Lord of Destruction patch is 6.4 MB.

    The Blizzard ftp has been hammered since the release, but there are several different places to try if youire unable to get a good connection from one site or another.

    Blizzardis Patch Page (scoll about half-way down)

    Diablo II patch via ExtremeSIMS

    Lord of Destruction patch via ExtremeSIMS