Blizzard Patches Starcraft, Reveals New World of Warcraft Realms

Blizzard Entertainment on Wednesday released a patch for its science-fiction real-time strategy game Starcraft, bringing it to version 1.13c. The update, which can be downloaded from the Blizzard Web site or by connecting to in the game, fixes bugs affecting Zerg buildings and mini-map unit ordering delays.

The developer also announced the creation of three new realms for the massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft. Detheroc and Wildhammer are Player vs. Player realms, which means they contain more opportunities for characters from the opposing Horde and Alliance factions to fight each other, while Staghelm is Player vs. Environment, which only allows player versus player fighting in certain areas.

Finally, Blizzard also announced that it is working with Upper Deck Entertainment to develop a trading card game based on World of Warcraft. The company said in a statement: "Starting next Spring, players will be able to build their decks and attend events that let them challenge Onyxia, or raid Molten Core in an attempt to defeat Ragnaros with the hopes of getting powerful Epic cards."