Blizzard Releases New Warcraft III Movie

Warcraft. Even the mention of it sends chills down the backs of many Macintosh gamers. The Warcraft family are classic games that still enjoys a loyal following of players and map makers. Add the III to the end to get Warcraft III and you have one of the most anticipated games for 2001-2002.

Blizzard has updated their site with a juicy addition of a new Warcraft III movie that gives those eager for information a brief glimpse into the Warcraft III world, in all its glorious top down isometric 3D color and beauty.

The download is located at Blizzards Warcraft III movie page. If you have played itis predecessors or are just interested in whatis considered to be hot in gaming, this is well worth the Download. Weighing in at 14 MB, this file needs the Bink Player which allows Mac users to view PC movies. We tried to download the Bink Player and play the movie file download, but it would not work, but give it a shot anyway. Why Blizzard would make Mac users jump through hoops like this when making a QuickTime movie would have been easier is a mystery, but the extra work involved is worth it.

You can download the Bink Player from the RadGameTools Web site.

You can download the Warcraft III Movie 2001 Preview from Blizzardis Web Site.