Blizzard to Host First-Ever BlizzCon in October

Blizzard Entertainment on Monday took the wraps off the Web site for BlizzCon, the gaming convention that will focus on the companyis Warcraft, Diablo and StarCraft franchises. Scheduled to take place Oct. 28 and 29 at the Anaheim Convention Center, BlizzCon "will celebrate Blizzardis games and the players who have made them so popular around the world," the developer said in a statement.

Activities planned for the convention include question-and-answer panels with World of Warcraft and StarCraft: Ghost development team members, a tournament for top Warcraft III and StarCraft professional gamers, a LAN area with PCs loaded with the companyis games, contests and a closing night concert featuring a to-be-announced rock band. The company will also sell custom merchandize during the show.

Blizzard will limit admission to BlizzCon to 4,400 attendees, with tickets set to go on sale July 21 for US$120 each. There will be a limit of four per person. The company is also selling discounted tickets to DisneyLand, which is right next to the Anaheim Convention Center, through the BlizzCon Web site.