Blue Line Studios' Site Optimizer Updated

Blue Line Studios has updated WebsiteCompressor. WebsiteCompressor does what its name suggests, it optimizes your Web site, helping you get rid of all that unnecessary code that can accumulate in your HTML. The new version is a maintenance release. According to Blue Line Studios:

Blue Line Studios today announced an update of WebsiteCompressor to version 2.3. Fixes include the bug that caused stripping of formatting within JavaScript code has been fixed. WebsiteCompressor is a tool to streamline HTML code generated by WYSIWYG-HTML editors. WebsiteCompressor has also image converting/recompressing capabilities, including batch converting of image files from various formats to JPEG.

Main features

  • Batch file processing of entire folders, automatic PICT to JPEG conversion, live preview of JPEG compression, as well as drag&drop ability.
  • Automatic data backup before processing files and folders. (Can be turned off).
  • Settings panel to specify custom preferences like the retaining of certain chars in processed HTML files.
  • Report panel to state how many Kilo(byte)s have been saved.

WebsiteCompressor is available for US$20. You can find more information and a 30-day trial version at Blue Line Studiosi site.