Blue Tech Group Ships Ulysses 1.0 For Writers

The Blue Technologies Group is shipping a new app for Mac users, Ulysses 1.0. Ulysses is a utility designed for creative writers needing a text editing application. The app features a single window tabbed interface and search/filter capabilities. According to The Blue Technology Group:

The Blue Technologies Group is pleased to announce the release of Ulysses 1.0, a Mac OS X text editor aimed directly at creative writers.

With its innovative "tabbed" single-window interface, featuring integrated notepads, a documents browser, advanced search/filter capabilities and multi-document previews, Ulysses aims to give creative writers, novelists and storytellers the best writing experience available on any platform today.

Ulysses lets the writer focus entirely on content while aiding him in organizing the multiple parts of his work without forcing him into any pre-defined structure whatsoever. Developed exclusively for creative writers, Ulysses lacks both the functional overload of traditional word processors and the developers-oriented approach of classic text editors.

You can find more information about the Ulysses release at The Blue Technologies Group Web site. Ulysses is currently available for 60.00 Euros.