Bluetooth iPod Adapter to be Bundled with Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

LAS VEGAS, NV -- TEN Technology announced Thursday that it will bundle HPis Bluetooth Stereo Headphones with the companyis upcoming naviPlay Bluetooth Adapter for iPod. The announcement came at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV, where TEN is demonstrating both products at booth 30329 in the South Hall.

naviPlay is a Bluetooth adaper for iPod that allows users to listen to headphones wirelessly. The announcement of the HP bundle merely means that naviPlay will be fully functional out of the box.

The nudle is priced at US$239.99, and will be "in retail outlets soon." TENis naviPlay Bluetooth Adapter for iPod is compatible with all iPods that include a Dock connector. You can find more information on naviPlay at TENis Web site.