Bob LeVitus, Andy Ihnatko, Andrew Welch On Tonight's Your Mac Life

Itis Wednesday, and that means itis time for another edition of Your Mac Life. Your Mac Life is a weekly QuickTime Streaming broadcast about the Mac industry in the tradition of a radio talk show hosted by Shawn King. This weekis show features Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus, Andy Ihnatko, and Andrew Welch in a round table discussion. From Your Mac Life:

Your Mac Life, sponsored by Griffin Technology and Marathon Computer, always likes to break new ground. This week, the show is being broadcast live from Dallas, Texas!

Shawn and his guests this Wednesday are "on location" shooting an OS X training DVD being produced by the folks at

On this weekis show - a Roundtable discussion on...well....if you know LeVitus, Ihnatko and Welch, the topics will range from Macs to TV to Black Holes and back again!

But, with the latest news from the WWDC, Shawn thinks he can keep them *mostly* on track and on topic.

One thing that is definitely on track is the new show, YML Xtended. It will
be a great resource for anyone using OS X and the first episode is available
on the Your Mac web site.

The show will be filled out with your e-mails, phone calls and lots of prizes
from Griffin Technology, Marathon Computer and!

Join the *record* numbers of Chatters in the Chat Rooms on the World Without Borders site at or on the Dal.Net servers on IRC in the #yourmaclife Channel.

You can tune into the show by visiting the Your Mac Life Web site at 9:00 PM EDT.