Bookmark Management Tool Updated

Everyday Software has updated their bookmark management utility, Bookit, to version 1.2. Bookit allows users to share a common set of bookmarks across applications without the need of having a separate application open and running. According to Everyday Software:

Everyday Software is pleased to announce Bookit 1.2. This version of the bookmark management tool adds the ability to import bookmarks from anywhere on your computer. Bookit 1.2 also fixes a few minor bugs and adds more commands to the contextual menu.

Bookit is a revolutionary tool for bookmark management, allowing users to have the same bookmarks between all their browsers without having to run another application in the background. This is accomplished by letting the user customize new bookmark files and then re-writing those bookmarks into new bookmark files for the selected browsers. Bookit is also a complete organizational tool, while customizing their bookmarks the user may: add bookmarks, add folders, add dividers, and move everything anywhere.

Bookit is available for US$9. You can find more information at the Everyday Software web site.