Boost Your 17" Apple Memory To 2 GB With Upgrade From Trans Intl.

Trans Intl. has announced new upgrade modules for Apple 17" iMac Flat Panel G4is. The modules, when installed, provide up to 2 GB of DDR 266 memory. The modules operate at 133Mhz with a data rate of 266Mbps. According to Trans Intl

Today Trans Intl. announced the worldwide availability of a 2 Gigabyte (GB) DDR266 (Double Data Rate) memory upgrade module for the Apple iMac G4 17 inch Flat Panel model, which expands the systemis main memory up to 2 GB (Gigabytes).

Trans 2 Gigabyte (GB) memory upgrade consists of 1 GB DDR memory module for the user slot and 1 GB DDR memory module for the factory Slot.

The Apple 17 inch iMac G4 1 GHz? Flat Panel Model has two memory expansion slots for main memory expansion. Trans 1 Gigabyte (GB) memory upgrade doubles the memory density of the expansion slots [User and Factory] to 1 GB. Before the Trans Intl. upgrade, each expansion slot of the 17 inch iMac was limited to only 512 MB (megabytes) each.

Trans Intl. memory modules conform to Appleis stringent electrical and mechanical design guide lines. The 1GB DDR266 Memory Module operates at a clock rate of 133MHz and transmits data at 266 Mbps.

You can find more information about the upgrade modules at the Trans Intl Web site. The modules start at US$219.00.