Boost Your File Naming Power

Norbert Doerner has released a new app, Long Info CMM 1.0. Long Info CMM is a contextual menu module that allows users to assign names longer than the maximum of 31 characters. According to Norbert Doerner:

The author today announced the immediate availability of Long Info CMM 1.0.

This new Contextual Menu Module for Mac OS 9.x finally allows users to see and even modify the long file names that Apple is using in Mac OS X.

First introduced in Mac OS 8.1, the "Extended Format", also known as HFS+, allows for 255 characters as object names. The old file system did only allow for 31 characters.

But until Mac OS X, this feature was never actually used by Apple.

Now, during the transition period from 9.x to X, Long Info CMM allows users to see and modify the long names on the old Mac OS.

You can find more information about Long Info CMM at the CD Finder Web site. Long Info CMM 1.0 is available freeware.